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Obituary for Violet Gladue

On April 18, 2017 Violet Gladue passed away in St. Albert; at the age of 80 years old.
She is survived by:
Children: John Gladue, Lorraine Scanie, Jean Gladue (Lionel), Cecile Gladue, Theresa Houle (Kevin) Edward Gladue, Hellen Gladue, Jimmy Gladue, Norman Gladue and Doris Gladue.
Grandchildren: Randy (Pam), Andy (Kim), Fred Jr. (Kelsey), Franklin, Shaun, Neil, Victoria (Eric), Patricia (Micheal), Daniel (Amy), Darren (Kelly), Dawn (Dennis), Craig (Sarah), Justin (Erin), Bobbi (Hawk), Katie, Kirby, Kehew, Tasha, Anthony, Melissa, Alex, Britney (Tildon), Francis, Mathew, Nathan, Larissa, Aleisha, Jaimie, Jarrod, Rebecca, Layla.
Siblings: Francis Dumais, Elizabeth John, Raymond (Joan Dumais), Roy (Donna) Dumais, Dorothy (Raymond) Scanie, Rita (Lionel) Nault, Yvonne (Victor) John, Jean (Darryl) Applegrate, David (Sandy) Dumais.
Pallbearer: Craig, Randy, Mathew, Kirby, Alex, Anthony, Andy, Daniel, Justin, William
Honorary Pallbearers: Angeline Badger, Julia Kehewin, Maggie Houle, Cecilia Watchmaker, Roland Dion, George Dion, Beatrice Cardinal, Dennis Cardinal, Jerry John, Ray & Ernestine Cardinal, Sydney Paul, Chief Brenda Kehewin, Chief Bernice Martial, Sandra Houle, Bobby Houle, Julia Bird, Laurelle John, Kimberly Hymanyk, Willie and Sherry John, Melinda Mountain, Mellisa John, Millie John, Floyd John, Debbie John, Jonnie Watchmaker, Patty Badger, Judy and Brian Youngchief, Donna Gadwa, Hawk Roan, Kevin Buffalo, Pauline Gadwa, Robert Anderson, Freddy Scanie, Tina Twin-Gladue, Louise Gadwa, Miles Paul, Joyce Dumais, Rocky and Theresa Wade, Rocky Wade,Jr. and Zane Wade, Henry Youngchief, Beatrice Cardinal, Eugene Cardinal, Aldina Cardinal and family, Ernestine Dion, Ernest and Kathleen Gadwa, Vera Erasmus, Lelian John, Sharon Youngchief, Glen and Cynthia Youngchief, Florence Gadwa and Family, Paul and Connie Morin, Trevor and Gina John, Irvin and Freida Kehewin, Allan Badger, Trevor Amahoose, Sydney Paul, Gary Paul, Rodney John, Patsy Youngchief, Gordie John, Alice John, Eva John, Pete John, Vern John, Hazel John, Brian Foreman, Clarence Dumais, Linda John, Keanu, Percy and Doreen Moosepayo, Felicia Badger, Christine Badger, Marlene Collins, Melvin and Rosa John, Marlene and Roy Crookedneck, Bev Cardinal, Tanya Collins, Colleen McCarthy, Maurice McCarthy, Lyla McCarthy, Kay Halfe, Marie Jackson, Jordan Gadwa. Relatives from Goodfish, Cold Lake Parish, Bingo Friends. The ICU Staff of Sturgeon Hospital located in St. Albert. We are sorry if we missed any of her friends or relatives it was not intentional.
She was predeceased by her Parents: Mary and Frank Dumais, Daughter: Shirley Gladue, Son: Joseph Gladue; Brothers: Jim Dumais, Art Dumais; Sisters: Joey Quimpere, Cecile Talyntyre, Louise Dumais, Helen Primeau; as well as numerous nieces & nephews.
Funeral Service, Monday, April 23, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Kehewin Community Centre, Kehewin , AB with Father Jeff Diaz officiating. Final resting place, Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kehewin, AB.
Respectfully the Gladue Family